Writings by Tim Girvin


Whisper to me the wind white shadows
W A T C H I N G S E R E N I T I E S A  S E E I N G
O U T: T H E Y ' R E Jáime les sensation forte The marksman hitteth ...
At: Last Night The Six Sentinels Frisson
The Red Mayfly A note, in meditation (CF Gala). w a s h e d
The Wheeling Poléng B A T H E D I N M I L K
Six Candles The White Sheath Hummingbird
the transparent barrier 12 Moons Mnemonic
Find Fear Standing Clear The Moth
Wandering Stormbird E A G L E M O R N
The Gesture Notes of Compassion The Glinting Blades of Light
Ink on My Fingers The Fall A Meditation
I came into… Kayaking The Wanderer
47 Years Old The Nature Of Rhythm The Balance
A Zen Master A New Mexican Missive Hikes
Kazkhs Ellinor Mt. Washington
Being Bad C H A T T E R I N G Nomenclature


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